Friday, 11 December 2015

iOS 9 9.0.2 Jailbreak 25 Best Free Cydia Tweaks

All Apps Available In Apple Store.

F.lux: Adjusts color of the device with warm colour choices. (
iCleaner: Clears cache on your device, freeing up space.
Bloard: Changes the look of the keyboard on iOS 9 device with a dark layout.
ClassicDock: Gives a classic look to the dock.
Alkaline: Customizes the battery icon on the status bar.
20 Second Lockscreen: Keeps device awake for 20 seconds.
Zeppelin: Lets you customize the carrier logo and text on your iDevice.
OpenSSH and OpenSSL: Lets you remotely access your iDevice.
iFile: Lets you access the files and folders on your iPhone and iPad.
Apple File Conduct "2": Lets you view the file system on apps like iFunBox, iExplore and more.
LockGlyph: Shows a fingerprint icon on your lock screen while unlocking the device.
CCSettings: Add, remove or rearrange different toggles in the control center.
RoundDock: Adds rounded corners to the dock.
LegacySwitcher: Changes the app switcher layout. (
Activator: Performs various actions with different gestures.
Harlem Shake: A fun tweak that randomly shakes the icons on the device. Set gestures to activate.
Medusa: Adds a new app switcher that works like a multi-window.
SwipeSelection: Move the cursor or select text by swiping the finger on the keyboard.
EnableLivePhotos: Adds live photos feature to older iPhones.
SpotlightBeGone: Disables the Spotlight menu from homescreen.
Forcy: Brings the 3D touch feature to older iPhones.
CCBackground: Customizes the background of the control center by adding any image.
EasyRespring: Resprings the device by pushing up the Home card.
WinterBoard: Lets you customize the device by changing icons, background, themes, wallpaper, control center and more.
Forcy: Brings the 3D touch feature to older iPhones.

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