Saturday, 12 December 2015

Facebook Security Checkup Android Apps Gets Released

We're making it easier to keep your Facebook account secure with Security Checkup. Starting today, you can use the Security Checkup tool on your Android device to review and add more security to your account. Providing easy access to security controls on Android is important to us since most people connecting to Facebook on a mobile device are using Android. Creating an iOS version will be next. In only a few minutes, Security Checkup helps you log out of Facebook from browsers and devices where you haven't used Facebook in a while, turn on Login Alerts in case someone else tries to log into your account from a new computer or phone, and protect your password. We initially made Security Checkup available on desktop this summer and it quickly caught on with people across our global platform. People told us the tool was helpful and made it easy to add extra protections for their Facebook accounts. So, we're rolling it out to our Android app so more people can use it. You can start using Security Checkup on your Android device or computer in the Facebook Help Center.

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