Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Earn Money Generator For YouTube You Make 25 to 100 Dollars a Day Lesson 2

Lesson 2: Blogger SEO and Earn More From Blogger sharing Youtube Videos


Today I am Share My 2nd Lesson of  (Earn Money Generator For YouTube You Make 25 to 100 Dollars a Day)

Lesson 1: Adsense Fastest Approval from Youtube.
Lesson 3: Auto Pilot For YouTube and Blogger.

Now Watch Step By Step this video and read this steps.
I Know my English Language So Bad.
But i Hope You Understand My Language
Lesson No 2: Make A Blog and SEO Setting of your Blog.
I Hope after My yesterday lesson your ad-sense account has been Approved :)

No Watch This Video And Earn More From Blogger Using YouTube Videos.

  1. Go On
  2. Chose a Blog Title And Chose A Best Name From Doman Seller (Websites, etc.)
  3. Go On Setting Write A Best Description What Is Your Blog and how is available in your blog.
  4. Click on search  preferences.
  5. In (Crawlers and indexing ) Area Enable Custom Robo.text and custom robots headers tags.
  • Under Custom Robo.text.
  • Generate a Site Map from ( And Copy  From User-agent: * ALL Link. and past in your robo.text

 For Example :
"User-agent: *
Disallow: /search
Allow: /


  • Under Custom Robots Headers Tags Tick Mark These Box's.



Archive and Search pages:


Default for Posts and Pages:


   6.  Now make a post for your blog. insert tags in labels, and useful post title best keywords and tags  
        Select from ""


  • Post Your Blog URL on other blogs and websites. "these posted URLs is work as your back-links and search engine performance Search"
  • Share your post o social media sites.
  • join forum's and make your blog URL as your message.
  • Share Your Posts in classified sites. Classified sites list available in this site. ""
  • submit your blog url on google, yahoo, Bing, or other search en-gens.

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