Wednesday, 30 December 2015

All in One universal Android Tool Best Tool Support All Android Tool

Here is Problems Solutions list he is solved only form Jurassic Universal Android Tool.

Reset Pin and Password, Reset Pin and Password (solution).
Reset Pattern, Reset Pattern (Solution), Read Pattern Code.
Code Sender, Wipe Data, Wipe Data (Solution), Wipe Dalvik-Cache.
Pattern Bypass.
Exit Safe Mode.
Read Gmail ID,Remove Gmail ID.
Fast Boot, Root, Unroot, Reboot.
Off, Off Salution.
Volume Control.
Android Dealer.
Set Time And Date.
Wifi Test.
Read Wifi Info.
Read WiFi Data.
Start ADB Server.
Kill ADB Server.
System Device Manager.
Task Manager.


Make Backup.
Edit Parmater.
Serial No Changer, Read or Write New Serial No.
Boot Animation Changer or Flasher.
Apk Extractor.


Read Memory Status.
system, Data, SD card, Read CPU info, Read Memory Info, Read Module,
Storage Location.
ICS or Higher.
Set To Inernal, Set To External, Set To Auto-Mode.
Read Battery Data.
Wipe Battery Status.
Check Partition.


Backup Camera Files.
Backup SD Card Files.
Backup installed Apps.
Firmware Backup or Dump.
IMEI Rebuild.
MTK, RockChip,


Games and Apps installer.
Zip Manger.
List installed Apps.

           Droid Explorer

Copy, Stop, Open, uninstall.

Zip Password Is:

Download Link 1
Download Link 2

Monday, 28 December 2015

Samsung Galaxy S6 All Secret Codes

  1. [*#0*#] For Hardware diagnostic tests
  2. [*#0011#] For Service Mode (shows LTE band and more)
  3. [*#06#] For IMEI
  4. [*1234#] For Firmware Information
  5. [*#7412365#] For Camera Firmware Standard Menu
  6. [*#7353#] For Quick Test Menu
  7. [*#12580*369#] For check software and hardware information
  8. [*#0228#] For Battery Status
  9. [*#32489#] , [*#0011#] For Service Mode
  10. [*#7780#] For Factory Data Reset
  11. [*2767*3855#] For Full Factory Reset (be careful because it will not ask for confirmation)

New Tizen 2.4 (Z130HDDU0COL5) Beta Firmware Released for Samsung Z1

Samsung i9300 CyanogenMod 13 Download Full Virsion

Phone Model: Samsung i9300 CyanogenMod 13
ROM Version: 6.0.1

Upload Date: 12/26/2015

Download Links:
Software Updater Odin 3.10.0
USB Drivers: All Samsung Mobiles USB Drivers
Software Download: CM 13.0
Other Apps:


Warning: First make a ROM backup for security.
Download Odin or other software's from available links.
  1. Extract Samsung USB Drivers and install.
  2. Extract Odin and open Odin.exe file.
  3. Restart your mobile and Press Volume UP Button+Menu Button+Power Button and click continue to software update mode.
  4. Now connect VIA USB Cable with your computer.
  5. Click AP Button and select CM 13.0.
  6. Click Start Button.
  7. After successfully install and restart your mobile automatically.
  8. After restart disconnect your mobile from computer and enjoy.

Monday, 21 December 2015

Christmas Gift From Samsung Galaxy South Korian With 128GB Galaxy Note 5 Winter Edition

Samsung South Korea Galaxy Note 5 With 128GB Price Only $850. This Price With Colors.
More Storage More Entertainment.
With External 128GB Micro SD Card Support.
This is released outside South korea
Read More

YouTube Video

Wednesday, 16 December 2015

How i Can Remove Uninstallable Apps From Android Phone (Pop-ups Ads)

Problem from these apps in your phone
  1. Pop-ups ads every mint.
  2. Auto install unwanted apps.
  3. Hanging.
  4. WiFi or Data Connection Automatically Connect.
  5. Not uninstallable apps.

Today I am Share These Solution.

First you can download 2 software 1st iROOT and 2nd Romaster after download install in your computer these apps.

Now Follow My Steps.

  1. Power off your phone and remove SD card or SIM card after removing now power on your phone.
  2. Now Go Menu/ Setting/ Developer Option tick mark Debugging option.
  3. Go back click security tick mark unknown sources.
  4. Now Connect VIA USB Cable with your Computer.
  5. Open iRoot Tool. Wait 2 seconds for detect your phone. after detect your phone click Connect button. wait for connecting after connecting your phone click root button. after successfully Root you are show a message and your mobile restart automatically.
  6. After restarting your phone open  Romaster tool. wait 2 seconds for detection Click Apps Menu (he is the top right side off the screen) than click Builtin  apps option (he is the left side of the screen).
  7. Now select tick mark all unwanted apps for remove(porn clips etc) and uninstall button (uninstall button top bottom screen X letter style) and click yes button (he is the left option of the screen).
  8. After deleting these apps open iRoot tool click Unroot button.
  9. After restart your mobile Go Menu/ Setting/ Backup & Restore. Click Restore your mobile.
Now your Mobile Cleaned From All Malware Pop-Ups Apps

Saturday, 12 December 2015

3 Best Ways To Disable/Bypass/Remove/Reactive Google ID From Your Any Sa...

Facebook Security Checkup Android Apps Gets Released

We're making it easier to keep your Facebook account secure with Security Checkup. Starting today, you can use the Security Checkup tool on your Android device to review and add more security to your account. Providing easy access to security controls on Android is important to us since most people connecting to Facebook on a mobile device are using Android. Creating an iOS version will be next. In only a few minutes, Security Checkup helps you log out of Facebook from browsers and devices where you haven't used Facebook in a while, turn on Login Alerts in case someone else tries to log into your account from a new computer or phone, and protect your password. We initially made Security Checkup available on desktop this summer and it quickly caught on with people across our global platform. People told us the tool was helpful and made it easy to add extra protections for their Facebook accounts. So, we're rolling it out to our Android app so more people can use it. You can start using Security Checkup on your Android device or computer in the Facebook Help Center.

Clash of Clans Update Sneak Peek 7 With New Hero's New Feature's

Friday, 11 December 2015

Nova Launcher Prime Top Android App Review About Work And Download Link

iOS 9 9.0.2 Jailbreak 25 Best Free Cydia Tweaks

All Apps Available In Apple Store.

F.lux: Adjusts color of the device with warm colour choices. (
iCleaner: Clears cache on your device, freeing up space.
Bloard: Changes the look of the keyboard on iOS 9 device with a dark layout.
ClassicDock: Gives a classic look to the dock.
Alkaline: Customizes the battery icon on the status bar.
20 Second Lockscreen: Keeps device awake for 20 seconds.
Zeppelin: Lets you customize the carrier logo and text on your iDevice.
OpenSSH and OpenSSL: Lets you remotely access your iDevice.
iFile: Lets you access the files and folders on your iPhone and iPad.
Apple File Conduct "2": Lets you view the file system on apps like iFunBox, iExplore and more.
LockGlyph: Shows a fingerprint icon on your lock screen while unlocking the device.
CCSettings: Add, remove or rearrange different toggles in the control center.
RoundDock: Adds rounded corners to the dock.
LegacySwitcher: Changes the app switcher layout. (
Activator: Performs various actions with different gestures.
Harlem Shake: A fun tweak that randomly shakes the icons on the device. Set gestures to activate.
Medusa: Adds a new app switcher that works like a multi-window.
SwipeSelection: Move the cursor or select text by swiping the finger on the keyboard.
EnableLivePhotos: Adds live photos feature to older iPhones.
SpotlightBeGone: Disables the Spotlight menu from homescreen.
Forcy: Brings the 3D touch feature to older iPhones.
CCBackground: Customizes the background of the control center by adding any image.
EasyRespring: Resprings the device by pushing up the Home card.
WinterBoard: Lets you customize the device by changing icons, background, themes, wallpaper, control center and more.
Forcy: Brings the 3D touch feature to older iPhones.

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Thursday, 10 December 2015

How I Can Install iOS 9.2 On My Device? Step By Step Tutorial

To Ways To Update And Install your iOS On Your Apple Device.

  1. Attach Your Phone or Pad With Your Computer And make a your iOS backup in iTunes.
  2. Click on Phone logo and Summary and click Backup Now Button.
  3. Once Check And Confirm your  your backup file available in iTunes.
  4. Click File Menu/ Device / Transfer Purchase From " your Backup File Name ".
  5. Now Show Your Backup File With Your Name.

1st Way Install From iTunes. "Best Choice Is iTunes"

  1. Open iTunes click Phone Logo/ Click Summary Button/ Click Update Button.
  2. Click Agree Button / Click Continue Button. 
 "Warning Don't Disconnect Your Device In This Progress"

2nd Way Install From I cloud.

  1. Click Setting / Click General Tab/ Click Software update/ Click Download And Install Tab.
  2. Enter your Passcode/ Click Agree/ Click Agree Button. your Software Now Downloading Start.

"Warning Please Make Sure Your Phone or Pad Battery Full After Full Battery You Can Connect With Internet And Install. " Best Attached With Charger Than Install/ Update  iOS on Your Device "

Tutorial Video YouTube. 

Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Cortana iOS Update Available For iPhone Now Available In Apple Store


Cortana is your truly personal assistant—helping you get things done by letting your PC and iPhone work together. Your schedule, your interests, your people, your reminders—Cortana makes sure all that stuff is available wherever you need it. Set a reminder to pick up milk on the way home while you’re on your PC at work, and Cortana will give you the heads up on your iPhone when you’re on the road. Ask Cortana to make an appointment, send an email, open an app, or help you find what you’re looking for. And it’s not only about productivity, Cortana’s always up for a little chit chat. Ask Cortana whatever comes to mind, her answers might surprise you.
• Set and get location and time reminders across your PC and phone. 
• Track packages, flights, scores, stocks, and other important info across your PC and phone.
• Use Cortana’s Notebook to view, edit and manage your interests
• Get information and answers to all kinds of questions. If you’re looking for it, Cortana can help find it. 
• Have a little fun in your down time — ask anything, get jokes, and much more.

Open iTunes to buy and download apps.

The best Amazing Apple's new iPhone Battery Case With 24 Hours Backup Review

Apple shocked the tech world this morning with its new Smart Battery case for the iPhone 6 and 6S. Reactions were, to put it delicately, mixed.

While Mashable's Senior Tech Correspondent Christina Warren generally liked the case, many took umbrage with its design — specifically, the hump. Many also saw this case's existence as Apple admitting that the battery life on its smaller iPhones leaves something to be desired, especially since it didn't release a battery case for the Plus-sized iPhones.

SEE ALSO: Apple's new iPhone battery case is basically a Mophie

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iPhone 6S iPhone 6 Battery Case/ Portable Charger Charging 3100mAh Battery

10 Paid iPhone Apps Now Free This Is Limited Offer

Live Audio














Live Audio - Add, Remove and Extract Audio for Video and Live Photo

Really powerful audio tool which enables you to add, remove and extract audio for your video and live photo

- Add, remove and extract audio for video
- Add, remove and extract audio for live photo

- Add songs as background music
- Record and add narrations
- Add funny sound effects
- Adjust audio volume
- Change audio start time
- Trim audio play time

- Remove audio and make silent video

- Extract M4A audio from your video
- Extract WAVE audio from your video

Download Now 















Listure provides you the easiest way to memorise any kinds of things into checklists!
You will never miss important ideas, to-dos, shopping items and any kinds of things you should remember!

* Simple
- Listure helps you to memorise anything as a simple checklist.
- Just make a list and add items to the list, mark as done when you finish it. It’s that simple!

* Easy
- Easily manage lists and items with intuitive gestures.
- Just swipe right to mark as done, pull down to add, drag to sort, and more useful gestures.

* Powerful
- Powerful features like merging lists, moving items to another list.
- Add a reminder to an item if you want to notified specific time.
- Stay in sync across iPhone and iPad via iCloud.

* Customisable
- Enjoy Listure with your favourite colors and fonts.


 Weight Diary














Simple and effective weight loss tracking.

Simply enter your daily weight and let Weight Diary estimate your progress and how long it will take to reach your goal. No guesswork or calorie counting required.

Our trend line cuts through the daily fluctuations in your weight so you know instantly whether you are on track. As long as the trend line is sloping downwards and most of your daily entries are below the line then you are losing weight. It is that simple.

Use our goal and calorie calculators to further plan your diet.

Main Features: 

* Shows your weight, estimated weight loss and goal remaining at a glance

* Visual BMI (body mass index) display

* Record your body fat % (for scales that support it) and add custom notes 

* Our new date slider and calendar let you quickly jump to any weight entry 

* Application badge on the home screen reminds you to weight yourself each day (optional)

* Graph view shows your daily weights and trend line

* Turn your device sideways to access a full-screen graph that can display multiple years of weight entries

* Touch the full-screen graph to see your weight for any date

* Touch with two fingers on the full-screen graph to see your weight change between two dates 

* Goal calculator helps you plan your diet and set your daily/weekly goals

* Calorie calculator helps you work out your total daily calorie target based on your age and other factors

* Summary view shows your overall progress at a glance 

* Log view shows individual weight entries and any custom notes you have added

* Add an optional password or use Touch ID to keep your weight entries private 

* Choose your units. pounds, kilograms or stones. calories or kilojoules

* Dark theme option

* Full data import and export capabilities

* Sync your weight, BMI and body fat % with the iOS Health app

* Syncs with popular WiFi scales

* Comprehensive help and support available in the app
WonderVoice Assistant















The ONLY app that helps you stay on top of your favorite apps, HANDS-FREE.
Your hands are tied? ask WonderVoice to read out loud your Twitter timeline or lists, your Facebook news, play your Spotify playlist & even locate vacant parking nearby. Retweet/Like/etc, you're in control!

Want to take part in the conversation? no problem! simply say 'Retweet to my followers", "Reply to this tweet", "Like", even 'Save to Pocket' to save it for later, and so on. It can even read out loud the content of any web link that you might get via Twitter or Facebook.

WonderVoice is your perfect companion on the go. It'll scan your social networks/apps and will let you know about any important activity, e.g. "Breaking news from CNN on Twitter", "Did you know that #Apple is now trending on Twitter?", "New DM from Dave McClure", etc.
When you're on the go, get your messages and reply via WonderVoice, simple, powerful, totally hands free.

Once upon a time you spent 30 minutes to look for parking! Not anymore! Let WonderVoice find you the cheapest/nearest parking spot around, it'll scan for parking availability in real time and will guide you to your chosen spot.

Have a minute? Why not catch up on your Pocket articles that you've saved? Let WonderVoice read out loud your articles and maximize your productivity!

WonderVoice is always listening, as it runs locally on your device, not consuming extra network bandwidth (for speech) nor extensive battery and not compromising your privacy!

Supported Apps:
■ Twitter
■ Facebook
■ Spotify 
■ Pocket 
■ Real-time Weather
■ Glympse
■ Parking
■ YouTube
■ More cool apps? Coming soon.

People who use: Twitter, Facebook, Spotify, YouTube, Pocket (Read it later) , Glympse, ParkMe, - would LOVE WonderVoice!

Praises about WonderVoice:

"if your life revolves around Facebook and you want the parking features, you can't go wrong." - Alan Henry, LifeHacker

“There’s certainly a feeling of ’2001: A Space Odyssey’ as you use the app.” - The Next Web

***** "Definitely have used this app to interact with Facebook when I'm driving…and it works." - willmyers18

***** "Went over my news feed and saved to Pocket to view in the office. How elegant & efficient."

Get the most out of WonderVoice:

■ Parking info is powered by ParkMe & contains over 500 cities around the world, check for availability at .
United States:
L.A., San Francisco, NY, Seattle, Austin, Houston, Washington D.C., San Diego, Santa Monica, Denver, Chicago, Atlanta, Philadelphia, Dallas, Boston, Phoenix, New Orleans, Portland, Miami...

■ Checkout the app Settings: Adjust the speech speed, enable Bluetooth,, choose navigation app and more. 

■ Minimal network bandwidth consumption (voice engines run locally)
■ Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life
■ Compatible with iPhone 4S/5/5S/6/6S/6plus/6Splus

WonderVoice is optimized for US English. Additional languages, social networks and apps are coming soon.


Sleep Furiously









Unleash your imagination by finding complete sentences in a grid of jumbled words. Sleep Furiously is a unique puzzle game that takes the concept of a word game to a new level.

"Sleep Furiously combines the absurdity of fridge magnet sentences with SpellTower." - Pocket Gamer

Best iOS games 2015 - Tom's Guide, September 21st, 2015

Mobile game of the week - Offworld (Boing Boing), July 6th

The best word games for iPhone and iPad - iMore, July 31st

"Sleep Furiously is a very cool, surreal it!" - Jane McGonigal

"Sleep Furiously is quite the smile-inducing experience for fans of word games." - Gamezebo

"All in all, the game is a cheerfully built puppy dream (which is also a decently scoring phrase)." - Big Think

"I hope it paves the way for a new sentence-making genre of games" - All Things Linguistic

Sentences must be grammatical but can be nonsensical and the resulting possibilities are endlessly fun. Get ready to let your imagination run wild. Don't be fooled, the game is very challenging. How good are your language skills? Is your brain up for this word filled adventure?

TIMED: Can you beat the clock? Find as many grammatical sentences as you can in 90 seconds.
MOVES: An un-timed moves based mode; take your time finding the ultimate sentences for the highest score and the most whimsical fun.
ENDLESS: Relax and explore. What is the most absurd sentence you can you find? 
















Tempie is the most simple app when you want to know the current temperature. You see the current temperature, the maximum temperature and the minimum temperature!

Tempie is just a simple app. Sometimes you need nothing more than the current temperature.


- Tempie shows the current temperature based on your location and time
- You don't have to do anything, just look at your screen
- Automatic refresh
- very simple design


- Tempie supports only degrees Celsius


















Over 300 thousand home-chefs uses Thyme and knows that fine dining needs fine timing. 

“It gets the job done and makes those complicated meals a little bit easier." - Lifehacker
“Thyme is a simple, yet cleverly designed app with an interface that looks like a kitchen stove and has a separate timer for each part..” - BuzzFeed
“Thyme offers a unique combination of features that easily sets it apart from the rest.” - Beautiful Pixels
“Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrgh!” - Chewbacca

Thyme is the simplest and most basic kitchen timer you could envision. It covers all your timer needs in the kitchen. This is so you can give full focus on that delicious food you’ve got cooking. 

Our kitchen timer gives you a simple and clean layout over your kitchen stove. Four hot plates on top and an oven in the front. To set a timer you simply tap it, swipe it. Boom! You’re done!

In Thyme 2.0 we spent a lot of time to get the Apple Watch experience just right, and before we knew it, we had made an app that worked almost better than it’s bigger brother. Of course they get along great, so all timers you’ve got running on the iPhone app transfers auto-magically to your Watch and vice versa. 

It´s really that simple!
Because fine dining needs fine timing.

- NEW! Companion Apple Watch App
- The smart and simple UI makes setting new timers super easy.
- Multiple timers running at the same time…kind of a no-brainer right?
- Our timers support setting hours as well as minutes.
- Gorgeous and modern UI design that fits right in with iOS
- It just works as you’d expect it to.

Since its launch in Christmas 2013 Thyme has won numerous awards and continues to receive critical acclaim.

Thyme is built by a super small team in Norway, dedicated to bring you the best cooking experience possible on these small screens we love so much. We’d love to know how we can make you an even better chef, so get in touch via the App Store “Support” link, or tweet us @UseThyme.















YConvert is the fastest way possible for converting units for FREE.

YConvert converts hundreds of units from different categories including Angle, Data, Energy, Force, Length, Mass, Pressure, Power, Speed, Temperature, Time and many more to come!

YConvert was developed to be fast, accurate, lightweight, designed for iOS8 and yet easy to use.
It also has settings to satisfy your needs.
The built in calculator lets you easily use YConvert without the need to exit the application for calculations. 

YConvert has no advertisements at all!

So,what are you waiting for? Download YConvert and start converting units for FREE!

Because your feedback is very important to us pleas contact us if there are any conversions you need that are missing. Any suggestions are welcome!
We will add more units with our frequent updates!


AirDisk Pro















AirDisk Pro allows you to store, view and manage files on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. You can connect to AirDisk Pro from any Mac or PC over the Wi-Fi network and transfer files by drag & drop files straight from the Finder or Windows Explorer. 

AirDisk Pro features document viewer, PDF reader, music player, image viewer, voice recorder, text editor, file manager and support most of the file operations: like delete, move, copy, email, share, zip, unzip and more. 

Support MS Office, iWork, Text & HTML
An ability to in app create your own audio playlist with repeat, shuffle, background playback and remote control from multitask. 
Files transfer between PC/Mac with password protected. 
Move, Copy, Rename, Delete, Zip, Unzip, UnRAR, Create File and Folder. 
File sharing with other iPhone/iPad devices via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connection with automatic search of nearest available devices around you. 
Drag and drop files upload via your PC/Mac web browser or USB via iTunes File Sharing. 
Built-in text editor that allows you to edit your text files or source codes on your iOS device. 
An ability to create text files, image captures, video records, voice recordings and import pictures from photo library. 
An ability to protect your files from viewing by others. 
Use your fingerprint to unlock AirDisk with TouchID support. (iOS 8 only)
iCloud Drive, Dropbox & Google Drive. 
This app is developed for both iPhone and iPad, you need to purchase only once. 

- Able to in app create audio playlist. 
- Plays all MP3 files from a folder as a playlist. 
- Repeats and shuffles songs. 
- Supports background audio playback. 
- Supports Audio Remote Control from multitask. 

- Audio (WAV, MP3, M4A, CAF, AIF, AIFF, AAC) 

- Images (JPG, PNG, GIF, BMP, TIF, TIFF, ICO) 
- Movies (MP4, MOV, MPV, M4V) 
- iWorks (Pages, numbers, and Keynote) 

- Microsoft Office (Word, Excel and PowerPoint) 
- RTF (Rich Text Format) 
- RTFD (TextEdit with embedded images) 
- PDF Documents 
- Plain text 
- Source code
- HTML web pages 
- Web archives
















Demo video:

The app for tracking and increasing your list of followers. Created for users of Instagram social network.

IOS v5.0 or upper

Fresh data from Instagram server
-The most recent data about your Instagram activity is read and saved by the app every time you ask to do it (* a limited number of updates by day is allowed to each user: 2 (included) or 100(purchased option) )
-Ultra-fast connection: Connection time is very short, can be done using 3G or Wi-Fi
-Confidential login: Login is done using Instagram services, the app doesn't store your credentials (Please, note that the app can only store data for one user. If you log with a new user, information of previous one will be deleted after confirmation).

Followers' tracking over time
-Guess if you're seducing new followers or loosing them 
-Visualize followers' progression in graphic or table format. Data is available for the period between first and last update. 
-Trend calculation: know if you're attracting (or loosing) more followers than yesterday
-No data gaps: Estimations are made for dates where update hasn't been done. These data are clearly identified in the views. 
-No connection required: Data are stored in the smartphone, then you can explore them without being connected to Internet. Connection is only required to update.

Support to increase followers (*Only available as purchased option)
-You choose the target (number of followers) to be reached in 15 days
-The app will create the planning for this period
-Planning is visualized graphically
-Daily target is also shown in the dashboard

-Graphics and data can be shared in Facebook with a simple click
-Sharing your stats can help you to attract new followers among your friends

Data export
-The Database with your data can be saved for backup purposes or to be used externally (ex: reports tool). To do it, you'll need iTunes. Select the app and download to your PC the file ".sqlite" 

-This app has no function to automatically increase your followers just "pushing a button". If you expect this, please don't buy.
-The functions not included by default are the following: 100 updates/day (2 in default version) and Target setting
-This app acts like a coach with one goal: boost your followers. It guides you to reach a target and telling you each day how far your real results are from the expected ones. 
-This app uses services for reading the main data that are provided by Instagram. They're essential for the app's correct operation. The publisher of the app (Flyerlake) is not responsible neither for the quality nor the availability in the future of these services. On the other hand and to avoid an overload of Instagram system, the quantity of access by day to this service is limited for each user and could be modified depending on the total demand rate.